A simple utility that lets you control where your links open.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Bumpr work?

Bumpr is a small app that identifies itself to your Mac as your default browser and email client. When Bumpr is running, and you click on a link, it displays menus of the other available browsers or email apps on your Mac and you can choose which one to “handle” that link.

Does Bumpr make any permanent changes to my system?

Not at all. You can easily restore your previous default web browser and email app.

Why doesn’t Bumpr seem to work on links I click in my browser?

Bumpr only works—and is really only useful in—apps that are NOT web browsers like Mail, Preview, Word, Twitter, Slack, etc. In those apps, clicking on a link almost always means “Open this page.” By contrast, when you click on a link in a browser (including apps made with Fluid), it could mean any one of a number of things, e.g., “Submit this form,” “Go back to the previous page,” “Activate a widget on this page,” etc. If Bumpr were to present its menu in every one of those instances, it would get pretty annoying pretty fast!

Can I use Bumpr for browsers but not mail apps (or vice versa)?

Yes, absolutely. If there is only one app in either Bumpr's Web or Mail preferences, those kinds of links will behave normally, i.e., when you click on them you won’t see Bumpr. So if you want to use Bumpr only for switching between web browsers and not mail apps, open up Bumpr’s preferences from the icon in your menu bar, switch to the Mail section and remove all mail apps EXCEPT your preferred mail app.

Can I set a default browser for a certain app or links to specific domains?

Currently the answer is “no,” but we get this question a lot! Stay tuned.

Does Bumpr support multiple Chrome or Firefox profiles?

Not at this time, but if you’re interested in this (or any other feature) please let us know.

How many browsers or mail apps can Bumpr handle?

Bumpr can display as many as 10 of each at one time.

What information does Bumpr record about me?

Bumpr keeps a record of how often it opens each application, in order to show commonly-used applications first. That information is only kept on the user’s computer, and is not sent to Bumpr’s developers or any other party.

Bumpr does not track any information about the links and emails it opens.

Who made Bumpr?

Khoi Vinh is a designer, writer and incurable user of multiple browsers and email apps on his Mac. Learn more about him at his blog at Subtraction.com and at his Twitter account.

Scott Ostler is a software developer, entrepreneur and member of too many Google Apps workgroups. Learn more about him at his Twitter account.

This FAQ is short. What if I have more questions?

Then you should email us so we can answer them and maybe add them to this FAQ page! Just shoot us a line at help@getbumpr.com.

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